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In our workshops we use proven but also new methods (e.g. design thinking, persona mapping) to develop a clear vision and strategy on how to approach and master your challenges.

We analyze the initial situation, identify strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats (including SWOT) and derive concrete measures and implementation steps. 

We are at your side on your way to a clear vision by

  • evaluate the competitive situation together with you
  • together define the corporate mission, values and vision
  • ​Help you define a business strategy that supports the company's objectives and together with you identify the key initiatives to implement the strategy
  • create a catalog of measures in which we record the implementation steps and define milestones and key figures for measuring success

Sparring around Customer Experience Management

We support you in understanding your customers along the entire customer journey. To do this, we use modern workshop methods, among other things, to obtain a clear picture of your customer types (requirements) together with you.

Together with you, we identify the needs and wishes of your customers and derive measures and actions (strategy) to improve these customer relationships and, above all, to shape them for the long term.

In doing so, we accompany you on the way

  • the analysis of customer data and feedback
  • Identify and analyze critical touch points with customers
  • Development of action plans or the implementation of processes as well as technologies
  • training employees to use the environment efficiently

Enterprise Reporting

We help to collect data and information from different areas in the company, aggregate it, evaluate it analytically and present it clearly and transparently.

To do this, we use market-leading ETL tools (WebFocus, Analytics Cloud, and others) to enable more informed decision-making at all levels in the organization.

Our path to the goal is divided into

  • Identification of relevant data and information in the company as well as a stakeholder analysis
  • Selection of appropriate tools for the project, e.g. data warehouse, data cloud, business intelligence systems, dashboards, frameworks, etc.
  • Definition of key figures and metrics to make project success measurable
  • Conception, design and development of the data views, reports / reports so that they are suitable for the target groups
  • ​Training of employees regarding operation and interpretation of the reporting system

Portals / E-Commerce

One can hardly save oneself from terms or distribution and sales models: B2C, B2B, B2B2C, C2C and C2B ... we are happy to help you set the right course in preliminary projects.

The end result is a clear and transparent e-commerce strategy that is communicated throughout the company, with all departments having the same understanding of the company's direction.

We support you in the following steps

  • Analysis of target markets, competitive situation and above all customer needs
  • Identification of products that are suitable for an online business and the target group (including preparing existing products for online trade, e.g. variant configuration, CPQ, pricing, etc.)
  • Selection and implementation of suitable e-commerce / portal platforms as well as payment and shipping solutions
  • Development of go-to-market strategies / marketing and advertising strategies for customer acquisition and retention

Project Management / Partner Network

Over the years you learn a lot and over the years you also take away a lot of project experience. It is not a matter of course that we have certified ourselves in the discipline "Project Management". Whether classic or agile - PMI or Scrum, we have been to school and put what we have learned into practice.

The projects have resulted in good friendships and partnerships, people / companies with whom we are always happy to work and whom we can ask for advice in case of need.

They can draw on this experience and network.

ERP (Odoo)

We have experience in dealing with the large ERP systems, such as SAP, Microsoft, Oracle - but in this environment we are particularly concerned with the so-called SMEs. As far as the large systems are concerned, we can support in the specification phases and preliminary projects, for implementations we have committed ourselves; perhaps the only area where we are faithful to the system.

We have discovered Odoo ERP for ourselves and believe that it is worth a look. Not only is the licensing model contemporary and appropriate, but also the functions and included apps facilitate the everyday work of startups to established companies, for which the large market players are still a touch too complex.


Customer Experience Management (portals, marketing, sales, service, field service and organization of data) - passion for almost 20 years, how can companies and their customers interact better. In addition, experience in enterprise-wide system architectures and integrations, including with ERP systems, certified project manager.

You can get a rough overview of my career in my video introduction here on the right.

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Project experience (excerpt)

You are in good company.

This is a very small sample of project experience, over the past 20 years - an anonymized project list can be provided to prove roles, time period and experience from the projects. Industry experiences are very mixed: consumer goods, retail, financial services, insurers, discrete manufacturing, engineering, automotive, chemical and pharma, high tech and others. From requirements gathering, conceptual design and strategy to implementation, I have had the opportunity to experience many industries and can relate very well.

Professional experience

Network of partners


Absolute professional in enterprise reporting for complex BI applications and enterprise security. Some of the most renowned financial service providers (among others) are among his customers. Solution architectures around the provision of large amounts of data in the right essence to make effective decisions - exactly his profession.


Many years of experience with e-commerce platforms and their connectivity (including materials management, product configurations). Passionate software architect and full-stack developer. Actually already his whole career in the customer experience environment, as project manager and lead architect, he has made quite a difference in terms of portal and e-commerce strategies.


As a key account manager in the marketing and CRM / sales environment, he brings the right mix of technical insight and strategic foresight. His motto "First the processes, then the systems" is set. He asks the right questions and is only satisfied when he has worked out a strong future-oriented solution together with the customer.


In the 20 years of my professional activity, friends and acquaintances have arisen for all areas, whose contacts are still active. Of course, these experts are also just a phone call away.