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Whether podcast, videos on YouTube, webinars, portal ... we live in the digital age of almost unlimited possibilities.

Customer experience is our passion, we like to talk about it and show it. We want to inspire others to explore the new and exciting possibilities of the digital world. 

A small selection of our published media can be found below.

SAP Sales Cloud Retail Execution - Visit templates

In the video, we show how you can easily and effectively work with or create visit templates for the field sales force with the CRM solution of SAP, the Sales Cloud. In the industry version "Retail Execution", the respective internal sales force can prepare and work out such templates for the field sales force, i.e. the internal sales force prepares proposals for visits and corresponding planning, these can be taken over by a field sales force and also adapted if necessary.

SAP Sales Cloud Retail Execution - Activity Planning

The field service is the figurehead of a company to the customer. The primary aim is to get to know the customer, to accompany him positively, but also to have the respective documentation and activities carried out for one's own company. For example, it should be ensured that the customer learns about the new collection or a certain advertisement. This is an activity that the sales force takes on in customer communication and which should be planned accordingly. We show how this can be done quite simply in the video on activity planning in the SAP Sales Cloud.

SAP Emarsys Marketing Automation - Look and Feel

Marketing Automation ist nicht neu und doch inzwischen anders. Die Art und Weise und vor allen Dingen, wie schnell wir Daten und Interaktionen verarbeiten können hat sich drastisch verändert. Die Antwort darauf sind hoch effiziente Marketing Automations Lösungen, wie u.a. Emarsys. In diesem Video schauen wir uns die Oberfläche der Anwendung an, schauen etwas näher auf die einzelnen Bereiche ohne schon zu sehr ins Detail zu gehen. Dafür gibt es gesonderte Videos, welche die Funktionen, dann ganz detailliert zeigen.