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Customer Experience Management

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Customer Experience Management 

Customer Experience Management (CXM / CEM) is an analytical process that aims to manage interactions between customers and a company across all channels and touchpoints to create positive customer experiences and drive customer loyalty. Customer Experience Management is a holistic approach that aims to actively manage the customer experience at all levels, from initial contact through the buying process to after-sales care.

Customer experience management involves identifying customer needs and wants and creating offerings and services that meet those needs. It is also about ensuring that customers are treated in a consistent and effective manner and that their needs and problems are resolved quickly and efficiently.

Customer experience management also involves gathering feedback and data from customers to better understand and respond to their needs and wants. This information can help improve products and services, increase customer satisfaction, and ultimately drive business growth.

Overall, customer experience management aims to strengthen customer relationships, increase customer loyalty and promote the long-term profitability of the company.

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Sparring partners are usually external people who work with customers on challenges in a goal-oriented manner in order to achieve a target state. In this way, we want to help make a better contribution to the success of the company.​

Business sparring is an approach in which a consideration of strategic decisions, major restructuring or other important decisions in the company is discussed in depth with an external consultant, the business sparring partner.


Through years of project experience, you get to know many individual situations and challenges. Somehow it's always the same, but never the same.

Each time, it is important to understand the customer's situation and to ask the right questions. For this we take the time.


We know a number of systems or have worked with them or introduced them. From this, one learns to assess weaknesses and strengths.

In the end, however, it is not important to us which system is used - it must meet your requirements and, above all, solve your problems.


We are not the biggest formalists, of course standards and specifications are part of it. But first and foremost, it is important for us to come to a solution. 

In doing so, we also sometimes use unconventional methods - but always focus on the customer's requirements.

~ 120 successful projects, experience that will benefit you.

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